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The History of Faceless Dolls Copyright © 2004-2015- All Rights Reserved - Written by By Linda Walsh

I wanted to reblog this wonderful post about the History of Faceless Dolls by Linda Walsh.  Click the links below to read the articles on her site. Linda's Blog Part 1 -  Corn Husk Dolls and Native American Indian Faceless Dolls Part II - Amish Dolls Part III - Marafona Dolls of Portugal Part IV - Dominican Republic Dolls Part V - Russian Folk Rag Dolls  Part VI - Japanese Sarubobo Dolls Part VII - Goddess and Spirit Dolls Part VIII - American Primitive, Prairie, Pioneer, Wagon Train, Appalachian and Folk Art Rag Dolls Part VIIII - Hankerchief and Pillowcase Dolls Part X - Twig, Pine Cone, Willow and Nature Craft  Dolls Part XI - Worry Dolls and Toothpick Dolls Part XII -  Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Wee Folk, Bendy's, Pixies, and Trolls Part XIII -  Waldorfs Part XIIII -  Muslim Dolls Part XV -  Yarn Dolls Part XVI - Mixed Media Faceless Dolls   Part XVII - Faceless Dolls of Francoise Bosteels  Part XVIII -  Faceless Dolls From Carole

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