Spirit Dolls

I have several boards on Pinterest that I collect photos of dolls from around the world.  (Click on HERE and HERE),

Apart from Waldorf dolls of all sizes and shapes I have a particular interest in Spirit Dolls, Russian Folk dolls and Japanese Kokeshi dolls.    For quite awhile I have been researching and gathering materials to make Spirit Dolls, also known as Medicine Dolls, Healing Dolls,Art Dolls, etc.  (At the end of this post are links for directions.)

Just before Christmas my adult daughter, Alice, asked me to make her a doll.  I thought she meant a Waldorf doll and sent her the link to my Pinterest doll board.  She chose several spirit/goddess type dolls and wrote from Germany "mom, I want you to make me an elemental doll with all your insight and love and intuition built in. not big. not tiny… everything else is up to you and your genius."

How can a mom resist that?

I peculated on materials, faces, fabrics, hair types, embellishments, etc. for awhile.  I made several paper patterns of archetypal goddess or spirit doll shapes.

I settled on wool felt because it is strong, easy to use and embroider on and sensual.  I have some ceramic faces I purchased on Etsy that you can see in come of the photos but I did not use one for Alice's.  I did for a succeeding doll which I intend to give to my sister, Karla.  She saw the doll I made for Alice on Facebook and said "I need a chakra doll" so that gave me her theme.

I did not plan out out how I would embellish the doll.  I just picked out the colors and started stitching.  I have a number of sectioned trays with beads, charms and collected ephemera from which to choose that I looked through as I worked .  I also have every color of curly wool locks for hair.  I wanted her hair to be somewhat wild.

 I added the spirit doll as a Made to Order item in my Etsy Shop.  I immediately got an order and this is the result.  The listing is set up so body and hair color are choices.  Design preferences can be written in the comment section.

Then I set to work on a doll for my sister.  She is covered in semi-precious bead chips aligned with the chakras.  her hair is recycled silk strips form saris.

Now I am working on a self care doll made of rosy pink and hearts and pastel glass beads.  She is not finished yet.

Directions from Joanna Powell Colbert's blog: Gain Soul


Directions from Silver Raven Wolfe's blog, The Crow at the Crossroads



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