Thursday, November 21, 2013

Handmade Ornaments on the Christmas Blogstop Tour

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Handmade felt ornaments are a wonderful project for families around the holidays.  Depending on the age of the child they can be simple or elaborate.

For the very young child an adult can do the cutting of the pieces.  This pattern is from a book that should be in every family's craft library: Feltcraft, Making Dolls Gifts and Toys by Petra Berger.  The pattern is for a child's soft ball but I have adapted it for this ornament.  When I was teaching in a Waldorf kindergarten with children ages 2-6 we made these balls each year.

You need 6 oval shaped pieces in the colors of your choice using wool felt.  This is a perfect medium for young sewers.  It is easy to push a needle through and does not fray.

The sewing  can be a simple overhand or running stitch for preschoolers, or older children can be taught the blanket or chain stitch and/or combine the stitch of choice with beads.

After sewing the six pieces together you add a loop to the top to hang it from and some ribbon to the bottom.  Stuff with sheep's wool and it is very festive!  Make as many as you want for your tree, mantle, stairway, or window.

These ornaments are in my stall at Craftfest and in my Etsy shop.

This post is part of a blog tour from Creative Connections, sponsor of Craftfest and publisher of Creative Crafters Magazine. I have an article in the October issue about my peg dolls.  Check it out.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Work in Progress for the Holidays

My witches were featured on BeBestsy on November 2.  Thanks so much!  Many, many crafters and foodies link up at these parties.

I am participating in Craftfest, on online Holiday Fair.  Follow this link to my stall (which links back to my Etsy shop):

While you are there check out the other stalls for your holiday shopping.

 In the meantime I am continuing to get orders for witches for stocking suffers so I am still making quite a few.  Here are some with a holiday theme.

Orders for angels are also coming in.  I have hanging and table top angels in the shop.





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