Flower Fairies

Work in Progress

I am designing flower fairies using the wooden peg doll as a base.

The body is covered with a stem like color.  Here I have four shades of green.  I then cut leaf like shapes and do a running stitch across the top, cinching it tight around the neck of the peg.

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes and I am not aiming for horticultural accuracy.  I let whimsy take me although I do have a number of garden books I consult for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, there is no better series of craft books than those from Europe sold in Waldorf school stores and websites.   Published by Floris Books in the 1990's they are a treasure trove for the teacher, parent, storyteller, toy/doll maker.  Here are three of them and there are quite a few more.

The center of the flower is a little cap, either beaded or embroidered.

The cap is tipped slightly to show a little faceless face to allow for children's imagination to be free in play.

The petal making is the same as the leaves, any shape or size that you fancy!

These are in my Etsy shop, Bridgit's Bell.

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