Walking Around the Yard

 Here's what I found on a walk around my New England yard today.

I was excited to get this photo as these cardinals are so skittish!

Lasting only day these lilies are so brilliantly orange.

My yard is on the wild side-no manicured lawn for us.  But we like it that way.  In the spring are white and purple violets, may flowers, bluets, etc.  In the summer the mushrooms pop up and are gone just as quickly.

Some grow singly, some bunch right up on one another.

Today I found 7 types of mushrooms.  I have such a fondness for them.

Many of them show signs of nocturnal foragers.

Do toads eat mushrooms?  This one hopped out when I moved the hose to fill the birdbath.

One lonely pink wild flower in the whole lawn!

Under the shade of the human made Amanita is what we called smoke bombs as children.  What a delight to find and step on a dried one, releasing the spores.

These mushrooms can be found in my Etsy shop.

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