Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advent Swap-Mini ornaments/Flying Soft Balls

Bits of Goodness has a number of swaps going on right now and I participated in the Advent one.  Advent is a 4 week season celebrated by Christians in December as they await the birth of Jesus.  In Europe there is a strong tradition of Advent calenders that are opened on the 24 days before Christmas.  The calendar might be 2-D and little doors are opened to show  a little photo or 3-D and small gifts are hidden in pockets of a wall hanging or something similar.

I made these for the swap.  I am making some for my Etsy shop but they will have beads.

They measure about 2.5 inches across and hang about 7 inches long.   They can either be an ornament of a soft flying ball suitable for inside play.  No breakage when the ball lands!

Here are the cut out shapes-6 in all for each ornament.

When I sewed with young children in my Waldorf Kindergarten I would use the larger shapes on the left- much easier for preschoolers.  Boys in particular liked to sew these because they were making an action toy.


When stitching and beading let your fancy take you.  In other words play with design.


 Finished ornament for Etsy:

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