One Earth One Voice

Have you heard of this? 

"One Earth. One Voice. is a global campaign mobilizing 15 million people to sing in synchrony on December 21, 2012. Calling world leaders to end the violence against the earth, the One Earth. One Voice, campaign is harnessing the unifying power of song as a response to our planetary crisis." -from the website

You Tube video:

Music Sheet with words:

They have a web site, Facebook Page and Twitter Page.  Check them out.  It's a great idea to get the world singing!

Links for more Info: 



  1. You really can't beat a good sing either! Thanks for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. I sure hope world leaders will be paying attention!

    1. Apparently these social media things do get attention.

  3. Hola Karen!
    How blessed to live near the ocean and the mountains! Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Soul Food Monday Link-up! Greatly appreciated, hope you keep coming back for more of the inspiration. ;)



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