Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hearts of Gold

Heart of Gold-Neil Young 1971

I am brooch happy lately!  I am using thick, luxurious plant dyed wool that is lovely to work with.

Putting together colors is so fun.  After cutting out many hearts of various sizes and colors I assemble pleasing combinations.  I don't think about it too much; I let spontaneity and inspiration take hold.  

I assembled 20 or so color combinations but then worked on each brooch individually-embroidering and embellishing as the fancy strikes me.  Some people plan out their projects in a sketch book.  I may jot down ideas in a broad way so I don't forget them but I don't sketch details.  I have a stash of cotton floss, charms, glass beads and metal buttons that I use in an intuitive way.  This means sometimes I take apart what I have done because it was not pleasing.

Put a Little Love in Your Heart-Jackie De Shannon 1968

the back

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