Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work in Process-Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens and Bishops too
Want to wish the best to you
So wish day, wash day, what do you say
Happy birthday to you!

I have had in mind to make a royal family of peg dolls for a while.  So now I have completed the king and queen using the 3 inch size wooden bases.
Royal children will follow.

I used a variety of colors, not just the royal
red and blue.  I covered the doll with a color
and then add a cape that accents or contrasts to the body.
Both are embroidered with various stitches
that appeal to me.  No two are alike in color
or stitching.  On some of the capes I experimented
with punching out a star or heart then sewing
2 capes together of different colors so the shape
is visible.

I used the following stitches: chain, running, blanket,
feather and french knot and I use these stitches a lot because they are relatively easy and versatile.

There are many sites, blogs and You Tube tutorials for embroidery.  here is one: Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials.

Work table with peg dolls in various stages of completion.

 Detail of body covering with stitching.


 Cloaks on

Hair roving is lightly needle felted for durability.

Unisex crowns.

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