Peg Dolls for a Birthday Ring

Joshua Rutherford Etsy Shop
I have a custom order for 12 peg dolls for a birthday ring.  Custom orders are always fun!

Pictured above is a wooden ring from the Joshua Rutherford shop on Etsy.  From the European tradition a birthday ring is used to celebrate a young child's birthday.  Candles and various figures (usually made of wood) are placed in the holes. It is widely used in Waldorf homes.  I never used one in my classroom but they are always in the Waldorf-inspired catalogs or Etsy shops.

She has asked for a

king, queen, princess...


several gnomes...

several mushrooms...

several flower fairies...

all of which are typically in my shop.

In addition she has asked for several insects which are not in my shop but which I am happy to create for this special birthday gift.  I am imagining how the peg doll shape will lend itself to a butterfly and lady bug and also looking through bug guides and children's books for inspiration.

To allow the 3 inch pegs to fit in the ring I needed to add a piece of wood.  The cut had to be very even so my husband got a friend with the correct tool to cut up a 5/8ths dowel.

The peg on the right is the typical size used in the ring.  I plan to work up both sizes to add to my shop.  I will show the full collection when I have completed them.

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