Scavenger Sunday 8/4

Five prompt to stimulate your photo taking.  Click the badge to find out more.

Body Part (pick any of them, but let’s keep it family friendly)

Riding down a back road on a joyride I cam on a farm with a herd of bovines with these intact.  As a child I remember all cows had this but it is uncommon now.

Wednesday (take a photo on Wednesday – easy enough)

I have a great fondness for this plant.  It is burdock and every child knows the velcro-like part of the plant.  Burrs, hitchhikers, stickies.  What did you call them as a child?  I picked a bunch and put them in a vase with water and they began to bloom.

I love mushrooms!


We saw Richard Thompson last month and there is no better guitarist-singer-songwriter combination in my opinion.

Guess What It Is (photograph anything and make us guess what it is)

I keep going to this pond to photograph the water lilies but no luck yet.  But what is on the surface of the pond?  It looks like diamonds, but....

Mirror Image

This shot suited this category to me.  The parallel lines of the miles of power lines was intriguing.



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