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After an unintended hiatus I am back.  My last post was in February!  I was down with the flu for awhile and then my mom, who had Alzheimer's got very ill and passed away. It's a terrible disease and she is now free from suffering.

I closed my Etsy shop for awhile but it is reopened with new items.  Here is what I have been working on:

It's the time of year for flowers in the northeast.  The design possibilities are endless.  A customer asked me for a trillium flower or fairy or gnome, so I will be peculating on that.

I love angels and especially the idea that each of us has a guardian angel looking out for us.  I have lots of design ideas for angels.  This one is for the winter season, a holly angel.  Holly is the birth plant for December and is a frequent decoration for the winter holidays. In days past it was believed to ward off misfortune and evil spirits.

I also love witches.  This is a white witch with amethyst colored accents.  It sold within minutes of my posting it in my shop!  Someone must have been searching at just the right time.

This is a rope doll standing about 6 inches tall.  She is a fairy tale maiden originally made as Jorinda from the Grimm's fairy tale Jorinda and Jorindle.  She holds a red flower with a pearl (made of wool).

"Nibble, nibble like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house?"  This idea for adding a mouse to the mushrooms I make has been in my mind for quite awhile.  The mushrooms in my yard are always nibbled at when I view them in the morning.  I imagine all manner of critters nibbling away in the night.

Dolores 1931-2014
her year book photo

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