Work in Process, Families of Color

It has been on my mind to make peg doll families of varying ethnic backgrounds, sort of like my angels.  I have a small collection of doll figures made of wood, fabric, leather and ceramic.  I may use some of the design elements from this collection or they may just be a jumping off point.  The blue faced doll is a kachina.  I am linking up to All Spunk, No Junk Link Up Party.  Check out the Twig and Toadstool blog.

 I started by painting the faces on 30 or so peg dolls in 2 sizes, adult and child.

Close up of a hanging Native American doll and a standing Zulu doll.

The face on this African doll is quite dark and I chose to use a rich mahogany.

Even this Native American hanging doll's skin color is darker than most tribes.  I chose a reddish brown.

The Asian skin was easy to match-alight tan.

Stay tuned for further photos as the doll families progress.  I envision them on a seasonal or nature table or for use in imaginative play.


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