Saturday, June 30, 2012

Families of Color, Part 2, Native American

I am working on a Native American family as the first set of miniature dolls in the series: Families of Color.  In my first post on this project I had finished painting skin color on the peg dolls and now I am experimenting with clothing.  I purchased some scrap leather from Joann Fabrics.  It was very reasonable.

It comes in 3-4 colors.  I also looked at the suede but it was fake and felt icky.

I covered the body with a rectangle of white and brown.

Next I cut a fringed rectangle and experimented with how it would look as a skirt or cape.  I also held up some strung beads that I had.  These were from broken necklaces belonging to my daughter that I saved.

How long do you keep things like this?  Years ago (she is now 23) I thought to repair them but of course never did.  Now I think I can up cycle them for these dolls and that is pretty cool.

I have done some research at the library and online regarding authentic clothing for these dolls.  There are 100's of tribes in North America, each with its own unique style.  We tend to think of the garments of the plains Native Americans when we think of "Indians".  I do not intend to make historically accurate clothing for a specific tribe.  I only want to offer a family that provides a recognition of a cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for more.  Perhaps they will be finished next time.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

World of Threads

Nell Burns: World of Threads artist interviews 

Once a week I get an email from theWorld of Thread Festival.  It's always interesting and inspiring to see the work of those who are full time artists.

"Contemporary textile artist Nell Burns has a love of machine and hand embroidery, which comes from a childhood spent in the sewing room with her mum. She has been designing, dressmaking and embroidering for as long as she can remember. "

Check out these websites for more:

World of Threads Festival
Local, National & International Contemporary Fibre Art
Nell Burns website
She also has an Etsy shop:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Sister Sun is doing a weekly series on colors.  Last week was yellow, this week is green. Wonderful green!

Here is my green witch with amethyst chips on her hat.  I just sent off 6 one of a kind witches for a swap on Bits of Goodness.

 A knitted, then felted bowl from a previous post.

Daughter Alice as the pocket lady at Tidewater's May Faire.  She volunteered every year in some capacity.

A palm fan outside my mom's condo in Florida.

I am not sure what this is but it is also Florida flora.

New Englanders will recognize this plant!

Ponds are so intriguing to visit, always changing.

Moss growing up 5-10 feet high on a very large, old maple.

The old and the new grass.

The Irish goddess Bridgit in whose honor Bridgit's Bell is named.  She is goddess of creativity and inspiration.

And lastly, Kermit's anthem.  It's Not Easy Being Green.

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