Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Eggs Part 2

Eggs are the quintessential sign of spring so it is no wonder there are many spring and holiday activities that involve eggs.  Here in New England we got 10-20 inches of snow the day before the spring equinox!  No one has Easter decorations outside yet despite the holiday being a week away.  An inside egg tree is perfect for this situation.

Even very young children can sew, and wool felt is the perfect medium for them.  It is easy to handle and sew through.  Older children can learn embroidery stitches to challenge themselves and add complexity to the activity.  In Colonial times children sewed cross stitch samplers when they were as young as 5 or 6 years.  This one was done by a 7 year old.


In my Waldorf kindergarten classroom I pre-cut the shape and depending on the age of the child, boy or girl, I might do further prep.  For three years olds I made tiny hole punches and they used blunt needles and thin ribbon or thick floss.  Four year olds might use a large sharp needle and I would use a sharpie to make dots to guide them.  Most five and six year olds were independent in sewing and could learn other stitches besides a running stitch.  Is it important for three and young four year olds to sew?  Perhaps not, but in the context of family activities or a mixed age classroom it is wonderful for them to be involved, especially if they are interested and so not want to be left out.

On my work table I have pre-cut egg shapes, buttons, bric-a-brac, hole punched felt shapes, ribbon and many colors of floss.

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