Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Displays

 Have you cut bittersweet yet for a fall display?  The colors are quintessential autumn.  The vine is beautiful but also invasive.  I cut it by the side of the road.  My eyes are always peeled for interesting plants as they die off for the winter.

It's great to pick it when the berries are still covered in their orange shells and them watch as the red berry underneath burst out.

Here is a seasonal display with branches of red berries I have yet to identify and the bittersweet amid some of my knitted pumpkins.  The bittersweet twists on itself and is flexible enough to make good wreathes form.  I just noticed the box under the chair.  I never saw it when I took the photo. 

Ealrlier in the fall I gathered many kinds of nuts, cones and pods and made this mandalla.

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