Friday, June 28, 2013

Blueberry Gnomes-Peg Dolls in Progress

I love holly bushes with their waxy bright green leaves and bright red berries.  So last winter I designed a holly berry gnome.

I love edible berries, in fact they are my favorite kind of fruit and pie to eat.  In anticipation of blueberry season I went searching for the right color glass beads for a blueberry gnome.  And I found them!

Peg dolls come in various sizes although the most common seems to be the 3 inch size which is third from the right in the following photo.  Have you worked with all the different sizes?

I use the pegs on the right for gnomes and flower fairies; the ones on the left for angels and witches.

With his hat this gnome is 4 inches tall.  The color of blueberries ranges from a greenish blue in their young stage to a very dark almost black blue when fully ripe.  So I used various shades of blue for his garments and beard.

This strawberry, fresh off the vine wanted the join the fun.

Holly berry gnome and blue berry gnome hanging out:

They will soon be joined by other berry friends that are on studio table in progress:  mistletoe berry, juniper berry, bittersweet berry and perhaps others.

Any ideas?

These berry gnomes along with gnomes of the four seasons are in my Etsy shop, Bridgit's Bell.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scavenger Sunday Photo Challenge

I am joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday, a photo challenge each week with 5 themes.  This weeks themes are fun, arts and crafts, messy blessing and effort.

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Everyone has a different idea of fun.  I like to ramble around cemeteries.  They are full of history, art, nature and quiet.  This angel is from Union Cemetery in Portsmouth, NH and dates to the 1700's.


Arts & Crafts

Winter and autumn gnomes from my work.


 Those birds......



Driving along the marshes I spotted this egret was wading.  It was a blessing to capture this shot.

 Flowers in bloom are blessings.



We went strawberry picking.  If you've done it you know it's an effort.

Especially at the beginning of the season when the red ones are hard to find.

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