Thursday, December 20, 2012

Work in Progress-Winter Gnomes

Winter Gnomes

I am working on elementals for storytelling, a seasonal display or a nature table. When I think of winter colors I think of white, icy blue greens and red for the red berry bushes that re in abundance now: holly (pictured here), winter-berry, pepper berry, etc.

I also want to make some mistletoe gnomes
with white berries.  An entry on The Physicians
Association of Anthroposophical
Medicine website says:
"Mistletoe has historically been considered one of the most sacred plants. It is mentioned in many myths and sagas of ancient cultures around the globe. Powerful medicinal properties were attributed to mistletoe. It was used to protect from misfortune and evil, as an aphrodisiac and to ease conception. Traditional herbal uses have included protection from misfortune and evil, poor circulation, headaches, convulsions, female disorders, exhaustion, hypertension, etc. In 1922 Rudolf Steiner recommended the potential role of a mistletoe preparation in the treatment of cancer.
Modern science has reaffirmed the therapeutic importance of mistletoe, through identification of the viscotoxins (literally, "mistletoe toxins"), lectins, and alkaloids thought to be responsible for its anticancer and immune modifying activities. Presently 60% of all cancer patients in Germany and Switzerland are prescribed mistletoe at some point in their treatment. For more detailed information on mistletoe therapy’s role in a comprehensive, integrative approach to cancer, visit:
Here is a mainstream herbal site:

Mistletoe photos are from Google Images.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-Crow in the Bittersweet

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