Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Cordelia

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Work In Progress

I bought a goddess knitting pattern on Etsy.  I have been working on peg dolls for awhile so I thought I would have a change.  You get the pattern very quickly as a PDF download.  Here is the link: Greenwoman Healing Arts.

I am using a pastel cotton yarn and metal needles although I usually like wooden ones.  It was all I had in the correct size.

I usually like to keep my hands busy while watching a movie or the Olympics with the family.  My grandmother, Lillian, taught me to knit many years ago.  She was a wiz and did not need patterns.

I do  not like tricky intricate patterns like cables.  This pattern is fairy easy but you must keep your place.

Here is the ancient goddess symbol that this figure is based on. 

She is a bird goddess from Egypt and resides at the Brooklyn Museum.   There are many artistic depictions of these ancient goddess symbols and I am going to make one soon.

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Monday, July 30, 2012


Mercantile Muse is doing a 12 day photo challenge.  Join in!!

Today's theme is "Vast".  There are several of my photos on Pamela's site today.  
Here are some:

 What is more vast than a bird in the wide open sky?

Or the grains of sand on the beach?

Or the sweep of the ocean and sky?

Or a mesmerizing fire?

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