Thursday, October 4, 2012

Knitted Pumpkins-So Simple

From this knitted rectangle comes a very simple to make pumpkin.

Like this

Knit a rectangle in any size you want.  I used worsted weight wool yarn and size 8 needles.  The bigger the rectangle the bigger the pumpkin.  To give you an ides, for the little pumpkin I casted on 15 stitches and knit for about 30 rows.  Then I sewed together the two shorter length ends and did a running stitch in the top of the tube.  I cinched the top and tied it off.  I stuffed the pumpkin with wool batting and repeated the running stitch on the bottom, pulled it tight and tied it off. 

The vertical lines are made by weaving a piece of yarn, more or less evening spaced around the pumpkin.  Pull the yarn tight, tie it off, and it makes the bulgy shape.

The stem can be made in a variety of ways.  I free-form crocheted a tube right onto the pumpkin.  You could also sew a stem with felt or fabric.

I have made these for years and do not know where I first read about them.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Swapping- Halloween / Samhain/ Autumn Swap at Bits of Goodness

I just mailed off these fabric pumpkins for a swap at the Yahoo Group Bits of Goodness.  I posted about the group previously HERE. 

It is a Waldorf inspired group that runs swaps based on seasonal themes.  It is a requirement to use natural materials.  Now, I do not have children at home anymore but I do anticipate grandchildren someday so I am store-housing the goodies I get for them. 

These fall pumpkins are based on a pattern from Wee Folk Art.  If you are not familiar with the site, be sure to check them out.  They are very generous with free patterns.

This link will bring you to the Flickr page:  And this one to the Facebook page: and this one to the Yahoo group:

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